The Directory of independent Investment Research Providers within the U.S.

US IRP Directory

The US has a significant history of high quality independent investment research. With the changes in the Investment market place with Dodd-Frank and MIFID II, there is an even more compelling need to look at Independent research to drive Investment decisions.

Following on from the Investorside initiative, and with the help of some committee members and many of the ex-Investorside Membership, we are providing a Directory of Independent Research Providers both those based in the US, and those targeting US investment clients.

The Investorside initiative which ran from 2008 to 2015 to represent the interests of Independent Research Providers (IRP’s) in both in North America and outside in Canada, South America and Globally and the US IRP Directory does the same.

To review and search the Directory select the button below. You can review, contact, and see sample research from any Member of the Directory, within the Directory structure.

How to use this Directory

All Members of the US-IRP Directory are classified as Independent Research Providers, and target US clients with their research content.

There is a wide range of types of Providers on the Directory. In order to be able to find the relevant content to the Investors problem, the Investor can search by focus areas, including asset class, product type, sectors.

This allows a very selective search across all Providers in the Directory, quickly and effectively.

FOR INVESTORS: Go to the Directory, and it will start with a full list of IRP’s on the Directory. You can then Browse, or use the Filters to reduce the list to just those IRP’s of interest. Against every IRP there are contact details, and in many cases, sample research. So this gives Investors, like yourself, the ability to find an IRP that meets your Investment Research requirements.

FOR IRP’s: Register here for your application to be added to the Directory. The original IRP’s added to the Directory were those in the Investorside membership. However if you are an IRP targeting the US, you are welcome to apply to be listed.

FOR MEMBER’s: If you are already on the Directory your primary contact will have received a Login and Password to change your details on the Directory. The contact should go to the Directory and then to the “I’m a Member button” to  login and change details including account details. If this contact has left, then use the Register form here, and select the “Member already – need an account”


The impact of MIFID II on the Investment community is yet to be gauged. Rules from the European regulator ESMA coming into effect in January 2018 will ensure that Investment firms separate their expenditure on Research from Trading commissions, and show the various elements of the Research product as separately paid for line items.

The impact of this is significant on both the Research Providers and the Buy-Side in the receipt of research, the interaction with Analysts, and access to Corporates. The traditional Sell-Side research providers will have to follow the lead set by many of the Independent Providers in pricing and effectively “selling” their research product as a service to the buy-side.

Why use independent research?

Investment Research is defined as the detailed study of the performance of different types of investments in order to decide which to invest in.

The principal of Independent Research Providers is to provide investment research which is free of investment banking, consulting, and research-for-hire conflicts.

The Members of this Directory aim to meet those requirements and to provide high quality, well founded, decision enhancing research products to their Investment Clients.

This form of Independent Research is suitable for Investment Managers in all forms, whether Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Pension Managers, Wealth Advisors and many other types of investors.

worldflow – other IRP services

worldflow who manage and run this Directory on behalf of US IRP firms, run a number of other services that are relevant to both the Investor community seeking advice or to the IRP community seeking ways to sell their products. worldflow can provide mutual introductions where beneficial to both parties.

Euro IRP is the European Independent Research Providers association. Their members Directory and web site and Apps are provided by worldflow as part of our ongoing support of the IRP market Euro IRP Directory

Integrity Research are the US authority on the research environment and provide advice on which providers across both the sell-side the the IRP’ through their ResearchWatch service. worldflow run both their web site, Apps and the ResearchWatch feeds. Integrity Research – ResearchWatch

Connect2 from worldflow provides IRP’s and sell-side clients with a free service to feed the old aggregators and the new aggregators and direct to major buy-side internal systems from a single feed. This free service allows a Provider to load their research through FTP, Email or Direct Portal, and feed Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Factset, S&P, ERIC, ResearchPool, RschExch, Visible Alpha and many others. worldflow Connect2 – Distribution Services

Connect from worldflow provides sell-side, buy-side and IRP’s with Portal, IOS, Android, Email services to produce and deliver research to their clients, in a controlled and measurable way, that competes with the largest sell-side products. worldflow Connect